Monday, July 19, 2010

Latest Text message from Gallivare, Sweden

New Text message: Camping south of Gallivare, Sweden,feeling better more rested,found Estonia license plate, Trying to sleep but too sunny.

I guess this was sent about 11:00 p.m. Sweden time. July 19th

Look at posts below this for recent photos. Birthday Greeting for Mom
On Friday I talked with both bikers as they were taking a well deserved rest in a Kiruna, Sweden hotel. After a 35 mile hike up the highest peak and an 80 mile in two days they felt it was time for nice hot showers and a softer bed. I remember a text about eating pizza. I will look for that. I have been busy going to baseball games, shopping and the roller coaster park with my Korean students and have gotten behind on this report. We are glad the bikers keep us informed.
Map of Kiruna to Gallivare. You can find photos by searching the google map.Clic view larger map. Thanks for reading

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