Monday, July 5, 2010

Made it to Norway

News from Norway, We got a couple of text messages and a nice phone call from Matthew today on Monday. They plan to reach Nordkapp tomorrow. This is the far north point of Norway and the northernmost road in Europe. Many miles north of the Arctic Circle in the "Land of the Midnight Sun." According to Matthew the past few days it has been midnight clouds and rain and a little frustrating. While Matthew was on the phone Eric was climbing a snow patch a couple of hundred yards away. The terrain is tundra and beautiful with plenty of reindeer. The bikers have been eating plenty of reindeer sausage and it keeps very well in their packs while tasting very delicious. It is the texture of summer sausage. Again Matthew said the people are very friendly and helpful. So far they have seen fish drying racks but have not yet dared to bring up the subject of Lutefisk. I told them Grandpa will want to know so I am sure they will ask soon. I did not have my notepad so I missed some details about miles but I know the bikers are hoping for dry weather. The stay in a cabin was well worth the minor cost because the weather is cold and rainy. Skoganvarre

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