Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fishing in Finland

The biggest news of the trip so far is that each of the bikers caught a fish in Finland and they cooked fish for supper. They had a big ol campfire even though there was a thunder storm going on. I am not sure how the fish was cooked but Matthew was excited to tell about it. He also almost had a bigger fish story when the lunker (who was the size of the dogfish the guys netted in Gendalough Lake) came almost to shore but escaped at the last. It was a phone message so I did not get to ask the inevitable questions Grandpa Gilbertson wanted to know. Were the fish trout and what type of lure caught them. He guessed a spinner and I concurred. But then they fisherman may have found a local bug to bait the hook. The reports are that the local people are very friendly and the bikers do not feel like foreigners. The report was from 30 miles north of Rovanimi.

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  1. The fish was apparently boiled. :)

    Cross your fingers for a tailwind into Norway tomorrow!