Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good weather and Lutefisk Lament

Camping on the beach near Nordkjostn, Nice and sunny climbed highest point in Finland yesterday.
We also got a call in the morning when the bikers were near Skibotn. They said the scenery was very pretty and there were many waterfalls. As usual the people were very friendly. There was a quite a bit of traffic on the road. I guess people were traveling up north on the weekend. it sounds like Minnesota where everyone goes up North on the weekends. They also met some more bikers
As for food Mary Kay asked what they have been eating. It sounds like they are truly in Norway because the only spices they have found are salt. According to Matthew the food is somewhat bland. I did not hear what they were eating but they have mentioned reindeer sausage and dried fish. Sounds like good Norwegian food to me.

Here is an excerpt from email Eric sent yesterday.
We are at a little
convenience store with an internet cafe for a few minutes now.
Today might actually be the first day without rain in
norway! ill be climbing up
the high point in finland tomorrow so that should be a fun break from biking.

I can't find any lutefisk in the stores, dang it. Maybe I'll have to ask the
managers and theyll pull some from out back. There are plenty of wooden racks
for drying fish by the ocean and its funny that the Norwegians hang dead
seagulls next to the racks, kind of like the dead pirates in Pirates of the
Caribbean with the 'Ye be warned" sig

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