Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In Norway Near High Point Galdhopiggen

I am a couple of days behind due to being in PA visiting. Eric called on Saturday and talked with Grandma Wright. She had seen a few photos of the bikers and pronouned them in great shape. "They don't look like they are worse for the wear. They look like they are doing great and in great shape when they raise their arms. Grandma asked about food and Eric told her they eat a bunch of granola for breakfast and eat about three times their normal amount of food each day. On Saturday they had re entered Norway. Grandpa Gilbertson said, "Oh Ya, Now they will be all right . Sweden can't help that they aren't Norwegians." On Tuesday the text said, "Camping near Dovre on Langen River, No fish yet.Plan to get to base of high point tmrw.
Here is a map. It looks like about 60 miles. Cousin Arnie Nokleby will alert the relatives in Jevnaker that the bikers are getting close.

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