Sunday, June 27, 2010

On the Road In Iceland

On Saturday Matthew was successful in talking with Amanda but only for a minute or so before the phone quit. He had tried home with no luck because I missed the cell phone. I checked the missed calls and spotted one so I called. After awhile there was an answer by a man with an Icelandic accent. We were both confused and then he said, "There is no one here at the campground." I tried some more and then on the phone heard, "Dad, Dad?" It seems I was calling a pay phone and the man near it just happened to answer. He heard my voice and must have figured I was calling for the two American bike riders. We thank him for picking up the payphone. After this I talked with Matthew for a little while from the town of Kirkjubaejarkluastur. ? It was a long name with Kirk and I searched the map. This is the only Kirk on the road close to the sea so this must be the place. The "headwind was a little strong "and the bikers "planned another 40 k of riding today to find a campsite." It is difficult to "stealth camp" when there are no trees to seek shelter behind. By now they have ridden over 300 miles around landscape that Amanda relayed was sometimes volcanic and similar to terrain in the Galapagos Islands. Amanda also wrote that Matthew said there was one guided group climbing the High Point Glacier and they were surprised to see Matthew and Eric climbing by themselves. All the Icelanders speak English and the bikers plan to be in Reykjavik by Tuesday to fly out to Finland.

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